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Performance based Solutions

Engineering solutions delivered cost effectively with no compromises on safety and design

ProAct has expertise and knowledge to assist with a very broad range of building projects of all shapes, types and sizes throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Established to provide our clients with specialist advice about fire engineering, the ProAct Fire engineering team is committed to providing performance-based solutions that meet compliance and regulatory requirements without compromising design principles.

Our objective on every project is to maximize the building’s potential whilst also minimizing project costs by assessing the distinctive aspects of each project and then developing the solution that achieves the best possible project outcomes.


In the modern construction industry, innovation and adaptation is something prescriptive codes simply cannot keep up with. This is where ProAct Fire can come in, helping with design innovation, and modern advances in technology through performance based solutions.

ProAct Services

New Buildings, Existing Buildings
Concept, Design and Construction

  • Preparation of Fire Engineering Briefs(FEB) and Fire Engineering Reports(FER)
  • Preliminary fire safety review and advice
  • Holistic review of building code compliance matters
  • Engagement and dialogue with regulatory authorities
  • Engagement and participation in design team meetings
  • Master planning and concept advice during initial concept and design development process
  • Developing fire safety strategies and providing compliance advice
  • Compliance and regulatory advice during construction
  • During and post construction inspections and certification

Existing Buildings

  • Existing building fire safety risk assessment and auditing
  • Fire safety compliance shortfall identification and upgrade recommendations;
  • Developing fire safety strategies and providing compliance advice;
  • Preparation of Fire Engineering Briefs (FEB) and Fire Engineering Reports (FER)
  • Compliance and regulatory advice during construction
  • During and post construction inspections and certification

Other Consultancy Services

  • Value management and value added solution development
  • Preliminary fire safety strategies and advice
  • Existing building fire risk assessments and audits
  • Technical due diligence auditing
  • Combustible cladding audits and review
  • Expert Witness services

Fire Engineering Consultant of Choice

Expertise in performance-based engineering solutions
Creative and flexible approach to design challenges
Cost effective
Value added solutions
Comprehensive range of experience and services
No compromises on safety and design
No project too small

Project Expertise – Commercial | Residential | Industrial

  Large isolated warehouse buildings
  Office buildings
  Medium-rise buildings | High rise buildings
  Residential buildings | Residential dwellings
  Townhouse projects
  Mixed use developments of all scales
  Health care building & facilities
  Childcare centres
  Aged care developments
  Retail developments and shopping centres
  Service Stations

ProAct delivers a quality service within today’s dynamic project environments